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Reham Said's lawyer for Al-Nahar: We will resort to the judiciary in case of insulting the media

The legal office of the law firm Alaa Abed, media employee Riham Said, has issued a statement tonight in which the management of the Al-Nahar media for media abuse is accused and which warns that the judiciary will be used.

"The agent warns the management of the Al-Nahar network, and anyone who thinks of insulting, insulting or harassing the media, Reham Said, because the office will take the necessary legal measures," the statement said.

The statement added: "It must be emphasized that Al-Nahar's channel committed a crime in his statement. The statement included the allegations of criminal prosecution to our client in the event that was known to the media in the case of child abduction – where our client obtained a patent, including a comment and criticism from the judiciary, Crime on the part of the management of the network of channels day. "

The statement added: "We want to emphasize that the statement in the statement about the working relationship that existed between the channel and our client, aside from the issue of jurisdiction in the handling of the dispute, that the contract between the channel and the media through the channel through the channel was terminated, not pay the late wages owed to the media since Just as unable to complete the execution of the contract by blocking all working tools and preventing the team from the program of cooperation and communication with them and not to renew the license to enter the studio channel, it should be noted that the case is currently under court under the invitation dilution M / 1136, 1139 for the year 2018 employees / October.

He added: "We note that the management of the channels of the day wants to make it seem like our customer is avoiding the completion of the contract, and undoubtedly tricks and tricks managing day channels nobody is fooled, they are tricks and tricks open to the employer when he wants to destroy those who work for him. Let the employee look like he is leaving the job. & # 39;

The statement added: "As to the content of the channel's statement from the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal to settle the dispute between them and the media Riham Said, we would like to emphasize that there is no doubt that the contract between the channel and his client is an employment contract to which the provisions of the labor law apply, And we have enough legal reactions to the labor court to drop the claims and allegations of Al-Nahar in this respect. "


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