Real dismissal: the REAL reasons why the royal family cannot live in Canada | Real | News

While many have praised the couple for chasing what they want and finding their “fairytale ending” in Canada, some Canadians are less than happy with the decision.

According to The Globe and Mail, the country is accustomed to a “virtual” monarchy and it is important for the country that the “unique and highly successful monarchy of Canada” remain as it is.

The newspaper wrote: “Britain is the inventor of one of the world’s greatest innovations in government: a monarchy that reigns but does not govern. Canada took that system and improved it, pushing it one step further.

“The Canadian monarchy is virtual; It does not govern or reside. Our royalty does not live here. They reign from a distance. Near our hearts, far from our homes.

“If you are a leading member of our royal family, this country cannot become your home.

“The government should make that clear. There can be no Earl Sussex of Rosedale or Prince Harry of Point Gray.

“Canada is not an intermediate house for anyone who wants to leave Britain while still being a member of royalty.”

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