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Read this before seeing Hellboy

Both previous Hellboy adventures on the big screen, Hellish boy in 2004 e Hellboy II: The Golden Army in 2008, where PG-13 evaluated fantasy adventures with some horror elements, keeping them in line with most of the other comic book adaptations published in the 2000s to attract the widest possible audience. Now with the box office success of films like Logan is Dead Poolfilmmakers are given more freedom to make their comic book adaptations more adult oriented. In 2017, Hellish boy director Neil Marshall noted that he was "granted permission" to bring the film into R-rated territory, which he did not consider a mandate, but a license to represent the same level of violence often explored in comics.

"It's not like I'm going to force him to become R-rated," he said, "but if you happen to go out that way, just for my sensitivity, then it's fine and no one will stop us, this is the main [difference]. But, also, when you go back to the original material, it's pretty gory, so I'll hug it. "

In February 2019, the Hellish boy the reboot was officially evaluated R, for "strong bloody violence and cold blood", by the Motion Picture Association of America. He also earned that rating because of the language, so expect this Hellboy to drop some F bombs along the way.


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