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Rare photo & # 39; s of the nightingale .. A secondary teacher and the second on the Cinderella and Bbjamma Alxtor – the seventh day

A short life, but it is full of art, love and pain, lived by the nightingale Abdul Halim Hafez who tasted an orphan, poverty and deprivation before fame and tasted the torment of love and illness after fame.

During his lifetime, the nightingale has gone through many stages, some of which are presented by a collection of rare photographs showing his early beginnings to the end of his life.

Below these photos is a picture of the nightingale of youth, dressed in a pajama-kestur and standing with a number of his brothers and relatives in the field.

The beast is in the field

The Nightingale also appears at an early stage in a second image, standing at a number of high school students at a school in Mahalla al-Kubra, where he worked as a music teacher in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Teacher in high school for girls

One of the photo's also shows his love and affection for Cinderella Souad Hosny, with whom she had a love affair when she danced with a reporter at her birthday party.

Nightingale and jealous glance at the Cinderella

The nightingale also appears in the form of carrying Ihraam during the execution of Umrah and with him the tithes of kings and princes.


Wear Ihraam

Abdel Halim Hafez appears on other pictures while he prepares to go on stage and in his house wears the clothes of the house, where he prefers to wear robes.

With dumplings at his home


Breathing for singing

Some photos showed the stages of nightingale disease and its effects, including one of the photos in his home and around him some children of the family, and a photograph during the session of industrial breathing before the stage of singing, and the development of the disease and during the last phase of his life.

In his house with a number of children of the family

While playing with Omar Sharif and Baligh Hamdy


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