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Ramez Jalal is terrifying and this actress is the first victim – Tire

The Egyptian MBC channel published the first trailer for the landfill program (Ramez Out of Service), which will be presented by Egyptian actor Ramiz Jalal, he has a horrible and terrifying block, blood fills his face and a series of horror movies, especially the famous Scream.

To date, Ramez Jalal Al-Boster has not been published on his pages and he is finished filming all of his episodes in Indonesia. His first victim was the famous Egyptian actress who removed the veil after more than 30 years.

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In a North Asian country between Indonesia and Thailand, Ramez chose a very narrow place, in a long line full of hidden cameras, and the visitor is surprised by the number of tricks that appear during his stay there.

If the news about the story of Ramez is correct, then his idea of ​​the amusement park, especially the train with the ghost town, and the difference between them is the fact that the star goes into his feet (Ramez out of service) while we are in the amusement park that we always forget.

Ramez Jalal poster
Ramez Jalal poster
The first victim of Ramez Jalal
The first victim of Ramez Jalal



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