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R. Kelly returns to social media for her daughter's birthday

The singer, currently bothered by legal issues and allegations of sexual misconduct, tweeted a video of himself and sang a happy birthday for his daughter, Joann.

"Happy birthday baby, daddy loves you," Kelly said in the video. "It doesn't matter what I love you so much. MWAH."

He was charged last month on 10 points of aggravated criminal sexual abuse – a class 2 crime – involving four alleged victims.

The charge accuses Kelly of sexual acts with three children over the age of 13 but under the age of 17. No age range is specified for any of the alleged victims, but the prosecutor said she was 24 at the time of the alleged misconduct. According to the indictment, Kelly used violence or the threat of violence against her.

He was acquitted of child pornography in 2008.

In January, Lifetime released "Surviving R. Kelly", reporting dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse against the singer as a result of his relationships with young girls and women.

Kelly has consistently denied all allegations of misconduct and abuse.

After broadcasting the docuseries, his daughter Joann, who is called Buku Abi, posted a long statement on her Instagram stories.

R. Kelly's daughter speaks out about & # 39; monster & # 39; father

"I pray for all the families and women affected by my father's actions," the note said. "Trust, I am deeply struck by all this."

She also said she was alienated from her father for a while.

& # 39; The same monster that you are all dealing with is my father, & # 39; wrote Abi. "I know very well who and what he is, I grew up in that house."

Abi is one of three children born of Kelly and his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, who also appeared in the docuseries and shared her accusations that he had been abused by him.

Kelly has recently been imprisoned twice in a case where the authorities said he could not pay his ex-wife child support of $ 161,000.

R. Kelly leaves the prison after bail and says: & # 39; We are going to straighten all this stuff & # 39;

He is currently free on bail in that case.

Tuesday Abi posted on her Instagram account to celebrate her 21st birthday.


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