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R. Kelly removes tweet with announcement of tour through Australia – page six

R. Kelly's plans to tour Australia may have been in trouble.

Shortly after the controversial singer, 52, announced plans to tour Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, the tweet that plagued the shows was removed.

Although the deleted tweet did not contain any concrete information, apart from the names of the three countries, the singer added: & # 39; See you soon! & # 39;

Although it is unclear what the status of the tour is, this caused anger and concern among fans and even politicians.

Because of allegations of sexual abuse around the singer, Shayne Neumann, PvdA shadow minister for immigration and border surveillance in Australia, suggested that his party support Kelly to refuse a visa, according to UK document The Independent.

"Labor strongly supports the refusal or cancellation of visas from non-citizens on character or criminal grounds," he said in a statement. "Labor would be seriously concerned if Secretary of State David Coleman would allow a person like R Kelly in Australia."

The country has previously refused visas to Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather, the newspaper said.

Although Kelly has long been followed by allegations of sexual misconduct with younger women, the singer has become the focus of renewed research since the six-part docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly" premiered on Lifetime in January.

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