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Problems with Celine Dion and her teeth: "Becoming a muse is a miracle!"

A few days before her 51st birthday, on March 30, 2019, Céline Dion organized a big promotional day in Las Vegas around her arrival at L & # 39; Oréal Paris as a new muse. In front of 50 & # 39; inside, Christophe Beaugrand was on the property. He reveals us moving images of the star in a press conference, as well as an interview that he could realize from the diva.

That day in Las Vegas is Celine Dion's mission to evoke this new job of beauty muse. The star of the 200 million albums sold around the world is very happy to be part of this new world again: "I did not trust myself at a very young age. I was not beautiful. I had problems with my teeth and I was very skinny. I never thought that at the age of 51 – no, 50 years of forgiveness! – I would be asked to become an ambassador … It's a miracle."

Celine Dion started to live, that's the difference

Christophe Beaugrand then has the chance to meet the star for a personal interview. They evoke her fashion appearance, making her a queen of Instagram with her sharp taste and quirky humor, and a fixture at Paris Fashion Week where each of her outfits is decoded. Of course, some also criticize the star for his bold choices. Christophe Beaugrand asks him if Celine Dion has left a head start, as some claim: "To fart the pellets? No, Celine Dion started to live, that's the difference. You can never satisfy everyone. We will say, we see her bra or she has not put a bra … But the most important thing is to take on and feel good."

Feeling good isn't just about clothing. It is also a state of mind. The rest of Celine Dion's reaction is particularly moving: "Is it old age? Is it the fact that I now know that my husband is no longer suffering? Is it now that I have three extraordinary children? Is it because I realize it now?"

On June 8, 2019, the star will end its incredible stay in Las Vegas. The mother of René-Charles (18) and twins Nelson and Eddy (8) will soon release a new album (we are talking about a collaboration with Sia and David Guetta for the first single) and will go on tour all over the world. Regarding the collaboration with L & # 39; Oréal Paris, this will be realized from April 22 with a campaign for Excellence Hair Color line, a hair color line.


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