Probable WWE AEW lawsuit for the name of ‘Bash At The Beach’

WWE owns a lot of properties and would probably wish Bash At The Beach to be one of the many trademarks they had. Now AEW is using it and apparently they have a problem.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that after AEW Dynamite this week, The Elite arrived in the ring. They made a comment about how they are being sued for using the name Bash At The Beach, but this did not stop them at all.

“By the way, at the end of the program, long after everything ended, they went out and talked about Bash At The Beach and basically they said, so I don’t know what happened, but basically they said I think they are suing us. For calling the show Bash At The Beach So I’m sure there’s a reason why they said that I don’t know if there were any threats or what, but they still called the Bash At The Beach program and next week it will be Bash On The Beach, but I still they will call Bash At The Beach Week II. “

WWE tried to block Cody Rhodes from requesting a registered trademark at Bash At The Beach. The reasoning that WWE used was that it was too similar to “The Bash,” which is a name they possess. “The Bash” is the abbreviation for “The Great American Bash,” which is not Bash At The Beach. In addition, WWE has not held a sinusoidal “The Bash” event 2010. In 2012, WWE held a “SuperSmackDown LIVE: The Great American Bash” during a July Super SmackDown show.

Meltzer said AEW continues to use Bash At The Beach. “In the wrestling business, these would be far from being the only legal threats they have overcome over the things they continue to do.”

We will be attentive to this situation, but WWE may not be very happy with All Elite Wrestling using Bash At The Beach.

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