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Prince Philip "exchanges greetings" with the victims of an accident, while the hospital confirms that he has not "injured with worry"

The Duke of Edinburgh has "exchanged his best wishes" with the other people involved in his car accident near Sandringham Estate, says Buckingham Palace.

A spokesman for the building confirmed that he had been in contact with the occupants of the other car involved in the accident, two wounded women and one child.

Philip visited the hospital on Friday morning for doctor's advice, but "has no injuries," he added.

The spokeswoman said: "On the advice of the doctor, the Duke of Edinburgh visited Queen Elizabeth Hospital this morning at King & # 39; s Lynn for a prior check.

The Duke of Edinburgh leaves the Queen's Christmas dinner at Buckingham Palace, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Image date: Wednesday, December 19, 2018. Photo credit must be read: Joe Giddens / PA Wire
Philip, photographed here in December, visited the hospital on Friday morning.

"This confirmed that His Royal Highness had no wounds of concern.The Duke returned to Sandringham.

"The contact was made privately with the passengers in the other car and the good wishes exchanged".

The 97-year-old Duke was raised from his overturned Land Rover after a "horrendous" incident shortly before 3pm on Thursday.

Roy Warne said he had some of the king's blood on his hands after helping to free Philip from the wreck.

Roy Warne "srcset =" https://e3.365dm.com/19/01/320x180/skynews-roy-warne-prince-philip-car-crash_4549641.jpg?20190118103433 320w, https://e3.365dm.com / 19/01 / 640x380 / skynews-roy-warne-prince-philip-car-crash_4549641.jpg? 20190118103433 640w, https://e3.365dm.com/19/01/736x414/skynews-roy-warne-prince- philip-car-crash_4549641.jpg? 20190118103433 736w, https://e3.365dm.com/19/01/992x558/skynews-roy-warne-prince-philip-car-crash_4549641.jpg?20190118103433 992w, https: // e3.365dm.com/19/ 01 / 1096x616 / skynews-roy-warne-prince-philip-car-crash_4549641.jpg? 20190118103433 1096w, https://e3.365dm.com/19/01/1600x900/skynews-roy -warne-prince-philip-car -crash_4549641.jpg? 20190118103433 1600w, https://e3.365dm.com/19/01/1920x1080/skynews-roy-warne-prince-philip-car-crash_4549641.jpg?20190118103433 1920w, https://e3.365dm.com/19/ 01 / 2048x1152 / skynews-roy-warne-prince-philip-car-crash_4549641.jpg? 20190118103433 2048w "sizes =" (minimum width: 900px) 992px, 100vw


"I freed Philip from the wreckage of the cars"

The Norfolk police, who are investigating the incident, said one passenger in the other car had a broken wrist.

A nine-month-old boy was also in the Kia involved in the clash with the Duke's Land Rover just before 3pm on Thursday.

The police said the child was injured.

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