Prince Harry, without Meghan Markle, organizes a rugby event at the palace

Could be Prince Harry’s last hurray, at least for a while: he appeared Thursday at an important Rugby League event at Buckingham Palace.

The Duke of Sussex organized the 2021 Rugby League World Cup draws for the men’s, women’s and wheelchair tournaments in the palace, an event broadcast live on Twitter and Facebook channels of the Royal League and rugby.

Harry, 35, a real sponsor of the Rugby Football League since 2016, also saw the children of a local school play rugby in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

Duchess Meghan of Sussex and Prince Harry attend a round table on gender equality at Windsor Castle on October 25, 2019.

So all eyes focused on the palace, but not only on rugby: this may be the last chance to see Harry in a real official engagement for some time.

He will soon leave for Canada to meet his wife, former Meghan Markle, now Duchess Meghan of Sussex, and her 8-month-old baby, Archie, in the officially undisclosed location where they are hiding preparing to face each other. their new real semi-worker roles.

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On Tuesday, photos of Meghan’s paparazzi were published in the Daily Mail preparing to depart from the Vancouver island of British Columbia (they spent their Christmas vacation on the island in a mansion lent in front of the sea) on a seaplane.

And he made an unannounced visit to a women’s center in the city of Vancouver, across the Strait of Georgia from the island: smiling photos of her surrounded by women were posted on the Eastside Center Women’s Center’s Facebook page.

“Look who we have tea with today! The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, visited us today to discuss issues that affect women in the community,” the post said. Meghan was dressed in the same clothes she wore in the paparazzi photos, except the winter jacket with a hood.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Patron of the Rugby Football League, organizes the 2021 Rugby League World Cup draws for men's, women's and wheelchair tournaments at Buckingham Palace on January 16 from 2020 in London, England. The 2021 Rugby League World Cup will take place from October 23 to November 27, 2021 in 17 cities in England.

Harry also appeared on Wednesday with a statement and a YouTube video announcing that the Invictus Games in 2022 will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

On Monday, after a crisis summit in Sandringham with the grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the father Prince Charles and the older brother, Prince William, Harry obtained the reluctant permission of the queen for the couple to withdraw from the state Real-time full-time job, become financially independent and divide your time between the United Kingdom and Canada.

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Many details still need to be negotiated on how this unprecedented agreement will work, including your security, income, titles and housing. But for now this rugby event is the only item in Harry’s official newspaper and it is not clear when he will return to the United Kingdom for another.

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Meghan’s return is also in the air. He left for Canada on Friday, three days after she and Harry made their last joint public engagement, a visit to Canada House on January 7.

But the next day a massive media storm arose when the couple abruptly announced, in an extraordinary “personal message,” that they no longer wanted to be members of the “senior” working royalty. Instead, they want to build new roles with more freedom and away from the multitude of media in Britain.

Therefore, the need for a family reunion in Sandringham on Monday in an effort to calm the storm. The crisis is not over, at least not in the sensational media and social networks where the furious denunciations of the Sussex continue, but the situation is clearer than last week: the queen, regretting being safe, is supportive and that is all. .

Prince William and Duchess Kate also returned to royal business on Wednesday, traveling to Bradford, a racially and culturally diverse city in northern England, to visit people and projects that promote social cohesion.

Meanwhile, rugby is almost as important as royalty in the United Kingdom. The tournament is the event for the league and will take place from October 23 to November 27, 2021 in 17 cities in England.

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Athletes from various nations will compete to be crowned world champions. It will be the first time in the history of the tournament that the events of men, women and wheelchairs take place simultaneously.

As a real sponsor, Harry has generally made sport one of its main causes, campaigning for the idea that sporting events can help bring communities together and change lives.

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The 2021 rugby tournament hopes to have a social impact by focusing on communities in some of England’s most disadvantaged areas, with programs and funds for liver organizations to develop their rugby facilities.

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