Prince Harry makes his last public appearance before the transition out of royal duties.


January 17, 2020 00:11:08

Prince Harry has completed his last public appearance before he and his wife Meghan step back from their royal duties.

Key points:

  • Prince Harry was in the draw for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, which will be played in the United Kingdom.
  • The wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is already in Canada with her son, Archie.
  • Prince Harry is expected to remain a little longer in the United Kingdom as the details of his transition are resolved.

In his role as sponsor of the Rugby Football League, Prince Harry was present at Buckingham Palace for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup draw, which will be played in the United Kingdom.

It was his first public appearance since Queen Elizabeth II agreed to the wishes of her grandson and his wife Meghan to reduce their real roles and seek a more independent future.

The World Cup raffle was the last scheduled engagement for Prince Harry, sixth in the line of the throne, before he and Meghan began a “transition period” to their new roles.

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex caused a crisis in the British monarchy by announcing that they wanted to reduce their royal duties and spend more time in North America, while becoming financially independent.

The public announcement surprised the rest of the royal family and left the Queen and other older Windsor wounded and disappointed, according to real sources.

After a family summit on Monday at his Sandringham estate, attended by the Queen, Prince Harry, the elder brother, Prince William and his father and heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, it was agreed that the couple would divide its time between Great Britain and Canada.

“Although we would have preferred them to remain members of the royal family who work full time, we respect and understand their desire to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valuable part of my family,” said the 93-year-old. The monarch said in a rare personal statement.

The couple has said they want a new “progressive” role for them and the ability to finance themselves.

They are currently not allowed to seek private income and most of their money comes from the private inheritance of Harry’s father.

Prince Harry greeted a group of schoolchildren at Buckingham Palace for the draw. (AP: Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Currently, Meghan is with her son Archie in Canada, where she has held a couple of discrete events this week.

The media reported that Harry would stay in Britain to meet next week, as details about his future are analyzed before joining her.

On Wednesday, Harry, who served for a decade in the British army, posted a video announcing the location of the next Invictus Games sporting event for wounded military personnel, indicating that he would still give his support to causes for which he feels a strong appreciation.

It was also part of the announcement that the Rugby League World Cup would become the first major world sporting event to have its own mental fitness card.

“The rugby league is not just a sport, it is a community and takes care of itself,” he said.

“For many years, he has been at the forefront of promoting and supporting good mental state, working hard to build a positive mindset for everyone involved in the sport.”

As one of the world’s most glamorous couples, Harry and Meghan have struggled with intense media scrutiny, with Harry describing some coverage of Meghan as intimidation, similar to the treatment her mother, Princess Diana, suffered before her death in an accident. automobile in 1997.

Some observers have criticized the British media for racism in their coverage of Meghan, whose mother is African American.

This week, the Mail on Sunday newspaper presented its defense before a Meghan legal action on the publication of a private letter he sent to his separate father, Thomas Markle. The case could see Mr. Markle testify against him.

“There is a huge and legitimate public interest in the royal family and the activities, conduct and standards of behavior of its members,” the newspaper’s lawyers said in documents submitted to the London High Court.

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