Pmu Prognostic Quinté Prix du Sap, Friday in Cabourg. CARIOCA can lead the … dance


the Sap Award, Friday night's Quinté, in Cabourg, is only offered to trotters of 7 and 8-year-olds, those who have not won 187,000 euros. Winner of his only performance on this ring, two years ago, the delicate but talented CARIOCA DE LOU (photo) has the means to make everyone agree.

The prediction Quinté du jour

15 CARIOCA DE LOU : There are certainly two failures in so many trips in the quintés. He also placed fifteen disqualifications in forty-two races. But it has no lack of resources and remains a pleasant success for Enghien. Sage, he can win.

16 CLYDE BARROW : It shows twenty successes in forty disputed races, all obtained on rope routes on the right. Well committed to the ceiling of profits and entrusted to the good care Yoann Lebourgeoishe deserves wide honor.

8 HAPPY COUP : He is not a lightning war, but he must be effective on the right rope routes, to make a good commitment to the first level of departure, to be barefoot and to take advantage of the drive toEric Raffin. We keep it.

4 COPAIN OF THE CEDAR : It should not be sentenced quickly because of his recent disqualification for Enghien. Especially since he had previously signed two pleasant places from the 2nd. Even if it counts three failures on so many trips on this number, there is a place in its cords.

14 BRAQUO : He can boast that he has already won a quinté in February, in Vincennes. On the other hand, his recent fourth place in the Green Trophy stage in Sablé-sur-Sarthe shows his good form. Barefoot he is lucky.

6 CAPORAL LA BORIE : He comes fully in possession of his resources here. He remains on two successes. Even if these were obtained on the grass, in Dozulé, it is a competitor to take into account the aforementioned precedents.

1 BOXING LEASES : In 103 races, he has signed only one victory, achieved success in … 2016. However, he remains at a series of places of honor, a proof of his good physical condition at the moment. Aligned déerrerré, it cannot be neglected.

13 BRIHANA Regularity is not one of his most important qualities. But his third place in the Prix Tolosa, 1 & # 39; 11 & # 39; & # 39; 6, June 14 in Vincennes, argues in his favor. What will interest lovers of valid outsiders here.

In the case of non-participants: The 5 COCONUT