Home Entertainment Pakistan: Christian Asia Bibi has been released announces her lawyer

Pakistan: Christian Asia Bibi has been released announces her lawyer

Christian Asia Bibi, acquitted one week ago after eight years on death row for blasphemy, but who has been in prison since then, was released, his lawyer said.

"She was released, I was told she was on the plane, but nobody knows where she will land," Ul-Mulook wrote in a message to AFP.

According to a civil aviation official, the aircraft, registered in Pakistan, must land in Islamabad.

According to another civil aviation framework, based in Multan, the plane had landed on board in the evening with "some foreigners and some Pakistanis", without any more precision.

The release reached Wednesday in Multan (middle) prison, where she was detained, said a prison framework for AFP. That is a week to the day after his acquittal by the Supreme Court, which then issued his "immediate" release.

The man from Asia Bibi demanded asylum for his family in the United States, Great Britain or Canada on Saturday, arguing too much danger if they stayed in Pakistan.

"I ask President Donald Trump to help us leave, and then I ask the British Prime Minister (Theresa May) to do her best to help us," Ashiq Masih said in a video message. The man from Asia Bibi also sought the "help" from the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

On Wednesday, another video from Mr. Masih put online by the Italian Catholic association Aiuto alla chiesa che soffre (aid to the church who suffers), in which he asked the Italian government for help to get them out of the country. Pakistan, where living conditions become very difficult.

– & # 39; In danger & # 39; –

"We are very worried because our lives are in danger, we do not even have enough to eat because we can not go shopping," says the husband of Asia Bibi, according to the Italian translation of his statements.

After this message, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini tweeted that he would do "everything that is humanly possible to guarantee a future for this woman".

France "investigates" for its part in what form it could help or welcomes the Christian "with (his) European and international partners," said Secretary of State for the equality of women and men, Marlene Schiappa.

"The President of the Republic and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, concerned about the situation of Asia Bibi, follow this file very closely from the beginning," she said in a statement.

The Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo said Monday "ready to welcome" with his family in the French capital.

The Asia Bibi affair strongly divides Pakistan, a very conservative Islamic country where profanity is an extremely sensitive issue. Costs are sufficient to provoke lynching.

After his acquittal was declared, Islamists, who demanded that he be executed, blocked the main roads of the country for three days, forcing Prime Minister Imran Khan's government to sign a controversial deal with them.

The board promised to start a procedure to prohibit Asia Bibi from leaving the territory and not to block a request for review of the judgment of acquittal. The agreement has been criticized by many Pakistanis.

Ms. Bibi, a Christian farm worker in her fifties and a mother of five, was sentenced to death in 2010 for blasphemy after a quarrel with Muslim women over a glass of water.

His case had moved the international community and drew the attention of the popes Benedict XVI and Francis. One of his daughters met him twice.

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