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Pablo Lyle: everything about the outrageous suit at the wheel, an aggression, a death and an ongoing lawsuit in Miami | celebrity

On Sunday, March 31, the Mexican actor Pablo Lyle He was on his way to Miami International Airport in the company of his brother-in-law, who was driving, and other members of his family. At the same time, Juan Hernández, a Cuban resident of the city, drove down 27th Avenue in the northwest. A transit incident that the authorities have caused investigations that the occupants of the vehicles face each other. Lyle attacked Juan HernándezThat died 4 days later.

Pablo Lyle He was arrested that Sunday and released on bail. He traveled to Mexico thanks to a judicial permit that was revoked by a judge when Hernández died. On Monday, April 8, Lyle appeared before a court of law deposit up to $ 50,000. The actor was taken to a prison in Miami, where he spent the first night. His case will hold a second hearing on Wednesday, April 10, and the prosecutor has until May 1 to file charges for murder, as the court has suggested on Monday. To date, Lyle has been accused of assault.

The following is the recount of what has happened so far in this case. It is based on the police report who initially developed the Miami Police Department (case number 1903310023791); the video from the surveillance camera of a Marathon service station located on 1390 NW or 27th Avenue; and the legal proceedings later on.

The police action started on Sunday, March 31 at 7:16 PM and was involved six officers on four points from the city:

  1. The place of confrontation.
  2. The Brickell area.
  3. Miami international airport.
  4. The murder department of the Miami police.

The police report contains the actions of these six officers and three witnesses identified as follows:

  1. Witness # 1 (brother-in-law of Pablo Lyle, identified as Lucas Delfino on April 8).
  2. Witness # 2.
  3. Witness # 3

* (The hours of this chronology are approximate and are based on the times recorded in the police report by the officer responsible for their preparation).

Who is Pablo Lyle? The Mexican actor who hit a sixty-year-old Cuban in Miami who later died



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