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ONPC – Miss France and "raising the birth rate": Laurent Ruquier accused of sexism (video)

Was Laurent Ruquier's "joke" about Miss France sexist? This is no doubt for many users. the show We are not lying (ONPC) is used for polemic outings, but also for columnists or guests. It is this time that the presenter and producer will be selected after comments in the show on Saturday 19.

In its traditional & # 39; Back to the news of the week & # 39; in which he discards humorous references to the guests present, including Vaimalama Chaves Miss France 2019, Laurent Ruquier first isolated a picture of a mayor next to the young woman. "You are the one who has to be sent to see the mayors (…) we feel that they are listening to you"He said. The beauty queen has evaded the implicit by a very factual answer: "I only met one."

But it is a second statement that Laurent Ruquier has caused the wrath of some viewers, while he talked about the decline in the birth rate. "The birth rate is as wages, it does not increase (…) Moreover, you who look at us in your bed now, to increase the birth rate, we have invited us miss France this night, it should give you ideas, that is the. Everything in the background of a sexy photo of Vaimalama Chaves.

A situation that drove a look full of disbelief at Miss France, which, however, had no comment.

"Sexism", "mysoginie" or "gujarati": the qualifiers quickly shot on social networks to denounce this "joke". Neither Vaimalama Chaves-cantoné until a certain reserve duty by his status nor Laurent Ruquier had responded to the controversy on Sunday 20. Note that for supposed counter-sexism some have not hesitated to resort to homophobia against the animator.

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