One of them said: "Without it we would have been refugees". Letters of stars to women in one day



Friday 08 March 2019

Books – Bahaa Hijazi:

Today, the world celebrates International Women's Day, a global celebration that takes place on the eighth day of March each year to indicate the appreciation and love of women for their economic, political and political achievements. social.Also Google has changed the slogan of its search engine for the word of women in 13 languages ​​including Arabic, and others

The stars of men's art have addressed messages to women on their World Day, and we are following some of you in this report.

Mostafa Shaaban

International Women's Day
"The mother, the sister, the wife, the daughter, the colleague, the partner and the friend, every year, the woman is well", wrote Shaaban through Twitter.

Mohamed Imam

Mohamed Imam
Mohamed Imam published a tweet via Twitter, in which he wrote: "Every year and you are the best need in our lives".

Aces El Hellani

Aces El Hellani
Asi Helani wrote through "Twitter": "The virtue of Islam is the woman, as distinguished in the Koran, and to increase its rights and give it its rights and rights, giving it priority, prestige and high degree. the continuous full support of women and their leading role in society Generations and an effective element in the renaissance of society.

Hussein Al Jasmi

Hussein Al Jasmi
"If the woman was not a house, all men would live as refugees," wrote Hussein al-Jasmi on Twitter.

Mohamed Assaf


Mohammed Assaf, through his personal account on Twitter, has published a tweet that says: "The symbol of the foundation and the cradle of life … is the homeland, a greeting and a message of respect and appreciation for his dedication, struggle and dedication to the realization of rights ".

Ahmed Jamal

Ahmed Jamal
Jamal wrote on Twitter: "All expressions of love, praise and appreciation will not be enough and the right of women will not die, it is mother and sister, wife and daughter, it is really half of life, but the spirit of life".