Oligarch invited the participant of the show "The Voice" to sing for him in underwear for 5 million


Participant of the show "Voice" Sevil Veliyeva told about an unpleasant incident that happened to her a few weeks ago. The famous oligarch offered her five million rubles for the fact that she spoke with his friends at corporate parties in underwear. The girl considered this brutality and refused, despite the high compensation.

The life of the singer Sevil Veliyeva changed dramatically in 2014, when she participated in the show "The Voice". The singer reached the stage of knockouts in the song. Thanks to the project, the girl became very popular and started playing with concerts more often.

Recently the singer received obscene, in her opinion, the proposal. The actress came to representatives of the famous oligarch. They offered the star to speak at a closed event for three million rubles. The condition was one: Sevilla had to appear on stage in his underwear. When the girl refused, they started negotiating with her, and as a result the amount of the allowance increased to five million.

"The manager has announced some" additional conditions, "they say, you must speak in a closed circle and the dress code must also be approved. The conversation turned out to be underwear," said Sevil "StarHit."

According to Sevil, she finds such proposals unworthy for a creative person and a decent girl. The singer is used to acting discreetly in public. But one of her colleagues didn't embarrass the oligarchs' peculiar demands: the star & # 39; Golos & # 39; did not mention the name of another artist who appeared at a private party that evening. "This is a personal choice for everyone. There are different sites with different people. But what to do if they turn to you, when & # 39; cowards sing & # 39 ;? Are they out of their minds at all? I am worried about this problem. I haven't reached a million viewers, just started building my creative path. Such dirt is no place in my art, "Veliyeva said.

The artist has been confronted with dirty hints before.

"Yes, I was in shock. A similar situation with hints I already had once, but it was a clue. And now, a year later, everything happened again, but from other, more powerful people," said Sevil.

Now the singer is actively working on new projects: recording songs and occasionally on tours around the world. Seville does not doubt that to become successful in the world of show business is possible without the patronage of influential oligarchs. It therefore intends, in the future, to reject all proposals that go beyond the limits of decency.

"This is good money. I could buy an apartment in Moscow. But luckily I choose the sources of my income that meet my requirements and principles," the singer came to this conclusion.