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"Old Hanger": fans have criticized the new image of Lorac, not that she has waited

The scandalous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who now lives and is actively building a career in Russia, has once again decided to arouse interest in her person. Thus, on his Instagram page, the artist published a new photo in a black suit.

In the picture, Ani Lorak poses standing in two light armchairs in a black dress. In light of this dress shines in places, it is with sleeves and shoulders on the head. At the same time, in life dressed with such cuts that exposes the ribs on the emaciated figure of the singer.

On the face bright Lorak makeup with red lipstick on the lips. His hair is loose, and in some places light threads are visible, apparently from the painting. In the caption of the photo, the singer wishes his followers a good night. These, in turn, began to discuss the clothing of the artist. Many people liked the new photo of the star, however, there were also enemies who criticized the singer.

"The hanger is old", "Not very nice", "Remove the sheets, ruin all the beauty", "I'm completely emaciated." Cuttlefish, "Bella" – Write enemies.

"A very nice dress! The figure is obviously simply super! The dream of every woman", "Carolina, you're very good with a make-up … bright." Yes, it does not ruin anything! Beautiful and talented "," Elegant dress "," Splendid woman in an elegant dress! "

Remember, the "goddess" Lorac has exaggerated with Photoshop, the fans will not know it.

Previously, the portal "Znay.ua" reported that Lorak was whistled for a strange hairstyle.

In addition, the portal "Znay.ua" wrote that Lorak had done something terrible for himself, fans could not find a place for themselves.


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