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NYCC 2019 Funko POPs

New York Comic-Con Coming in a few weeks, and in addition to all the usual news coming out of the convention about blockbuster movies and your favorite and new-coming TV shows, there's plenty of exclusive merchandise. Because this is one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the US, exclusive Funko POPs We've summarized some of our favorite revelations for sale at the convention. Take a look at the NYCC Funko POPs below.

It would not be a comic-con without some Marvel-related Funko-POPs releases, and that includes Tony Stark using the Infinity Stones from the end Avengers: Final. Stan lee as he appeared in his cameo Guardian of the Galaxy 2and some other Marvel Comics inspired characters that you can see above.

Believe it or not, there is more Back to the Future POPs are made. This time around, Marty McFly in a radiation protection suit, as he appears in George McFly's bedroom, as if he were Darth Vader of the planet Vulcan, threatens to melt the child's brain if he does not invite Lorraine to enchant under the sea.

Pixar is also loved a bit at the convention, and that includes a spectacular one Above Two pack of Kevin, the colorful bird, as well as Carl's house with all attached balloons. Honestly, I wish they were just selling the house, because as much as I love Kevin, I do not really need him to go along with the house. In addition the spooky ventriloquist doll of Toy Story 4 comes as well.

There are already a number of new POPs from The office Characters out there, and now comes one with its own Funko-POP. Dwight Schrute's newest character shows him holding the bobblehead Angela gives him, but this bobblehead looks like a Funko-POP, so that's pretty cute.

Samurai Jack Enter the Funko POP scene for the first time in this two-pack featuring the title character and his arch-nemesis Aku. These will most likely be offered individually outside the convention, but not in this twin pack.

Another premiere for Funko POPs is MTV's beloved student Daria, She looks just as unimpressed by the world as a vinyl character like in the cartoon series, which makes her the perfect replica of the typical character of the 90s.

In one of the most memorable scenes Stranger things 3A last-minute rescue from Dustin comes in the form of his girlfriend, Suzie, from Utah, who gives them exactly the numbers they need to make a big, world-saving raid. But first she wants to hear Dustin sing the theme the never ending Story, and this moment is captured with this Funko POP.

A new Funko POP in huge size is on the way in the Harry Potter Line, and it will make Hagrid much happier. Madame Maxime out Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Hogwarts janitor Argus Filch and his cat Mrs. Norris will join her.

Finally, with the release of Jay and Silent Bob start again Around the corner we have the first Funko POP figures of superheroes Bluntman and Chronic. Will we also get the new versions as they are played by Val Kilmer and Melissa Benoist in the new movie? We have to wait and see.


These are all the NYCC Funko POPs that we're interested in so far, but more could come, so stay tuned. Do not worry if you can not make it to the convention to pick them up, as Funko usually has many common exclusive products that are also available from various retailers during the convention.

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