"No longer fraternal chatter?": Kharlamov mock the sick Batrutdinov because of problems with Asmus – network – RIA "VladTime"


It is no secret that the stars very often "play" with photoshop to hide their flaws, whether it is age, scars or bad light. And this has become so common that media people who show themselves "in the whole world, in all their glory," have literally been beaten up.

No longer fraternal chatter "

But it is simply impossible to say that about Kharlamov, say followers of the humorist. And it's not about using filters in his photos. But the man, "whose appearance leaves much to be desired", publicly makes his friend and colleague mocked with an extremely unfortunate picture, with Batrutdinov looking "sick and old".

Timur "Kashtan" Batrutdinov never hesitated to resort to Photoshop to fully "paint" himself and also repeatedly stated that he was trying to keep his appearance while making facelifts. But on the photo on Kharlamov's Instagram account, Garik placed a picture that showed the comedians very similar: & # 39; just as badly & # 39 ;.

Timur has a sagging, flabby skin on his face, a lot of age-related wrinkles and so dry scalp that the entire jacket is covered with dandruff. Because of the resemblance to the "stage partner" they were called "Kharlatdinov".

"What will happen if you cross Kharlamov and Batrutdinov? – the perfect comedian or gay duet" – a joke that has been surfing the Internet for over 11 years, so the Bulldog "steals" someone else's idea.

"30 kg back and 10 years later – a recipe to get Batrukhu from Kharlamov


Users are sure that Garik uses his friend as an object for ridicule because of "problems with his young wife" Christina Asmus, who occasionally does not appear at social events with anyone, but not with her husband, and rumors about their quarrels multiply as by an exhibitor.

So it recovers and "belches" on the friend.

Konstantin Monac