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NFL Mock Draft 2019: is this the best case of this Giants? Todd McShay of ESPN presents the "A +" plan for Dave Gettleman

The Giants have a lot of needs to fill after winning just eight games combined in the last two seasons, and this month's NFL Draft gives Dave Gettleman the chance to infuse the role with serious talent.

Starting from selections n. 6 and n. 17 in the first round, the giants possess 12 total selections. Here's what the NFL Draft ESPN analyst says, Todd McShay, at best for Gettleman and the Giants roundup in the first three rounds:

Round 1 (6): Dwayne Haskins, QB, State of Ohio

Round 1 (17): Brian Burns, DE / OLB, State of Florida

Round 2 (37): Tytus Howard, OT, State of the Alabama

Round 3 (95): Mack Wilson, ILB, Alabama

The Giants have many needs, but it all starts with the quarterback. Haskins is the purest passer-by in the draft, so for me it's a no-brainer at no. If Haskins is there, I'm taking it. OK, now we need a pass-rusher. Enter Burns, who had 10 bags for the Seminoles in 2018. Howard would have helped improve the offensive line in front of Haskins (or Eli Manning if the Giants cleverly left Haskins behind the veteran for a while), and then New York has real value with Wilson's coverage capacity up to at the end of Round 3.

It's hard to argue with McShay here.

Haskins would finally give the Giants a long-term succession plan to the quarterback. The product of the state of the Ohio is also the caliber of the potential customer that could benefit from a year of maturing behind Eli Manning but also with enough tools to take the field at some point in 2019 if the season returns once again off the rails.

Likewise, Burns is among the best pass rusher in a draft class full of elite prospects in the position. Burns produced 10 bags in his last collegiate season and recorded 38.5 tackles for the loss in 33 games to the state of Florida.

For a team that desperately needs to upgrade a pass rush that managed only 30 bags, the second lowest in the league last season, Burns is a plug-and-play.

Howard would provide a quality value to choice no. 37 and will assign to the Giants two offensive line starters taken in the second round in the last two drafts.

Finally, Wilson is a linebacker and a potential upgrade in a position of need.

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