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New Drama & # 39; The Fix & # 39; Retries O.J. In The Social Media Was 03/22/2019

Our modern world doesn't look too cute in the new drama titled "The Fix" on ABC.

This series, presented for the first time last Monday, presents a fictionalized version of O.J.
The case of the Simpson murder and imagine what would happen if the case were to take place today instead of in the pre-social media of the years.

In "The Fix", social media is at the center of attention
as an unscrupulous and ruthless defense lawyer, he employs a modern-day public relations guru to try to get social media support for O.J. – an imaginary and aged Hollywood
film actor named Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje).

As in the real case of Simpson, this movie star was acquitted by the murder of her ex-wife and her friend, in this case a female
friend. In "The Fix", this acquittal took place in 2010 – eight years before "The Fix" should have taken place today (the show was produced mainly last
year, in 2018).



Now, he is back in the news after his current girlfriend is dead and he is once again a prime suspect.

This development brings the accusing woman back into the
first case – a woman named Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) – who spent an eight-year sabbatical after her 2010 trial, in which she was denigrated in the media.

Tunney is
obviously played a fictionalized version of Marcia Clark here – the famous lawyer who was one of the prosecutors of the L.A. on the losing side of the O.J. Simpson criminal trial.

And since then
Clark is an executive producer of this series, and seems to have had a hand in creating it, it is not unreasonable to conclude that Clark has designed a way, with the help of ABC, to try O.J.
at least fiction, and get a better result as a guilty verdict.

The question of whether this will happen in the end cannot at all respond to the first two episodes of "The
Correction. "At this point in the beginning of the series, it is all but sure that this fiction O.J. has also committed this new murder.

However, he has already been tried in court
opinion, and so is its prosecutor. She seeks closure and redemption. He tries to be acquitted again, especially since he insists he didn't.

When the real O.J. criminal trial was going
later, followed by the civil trial some time later, the procedure was cited later (and will continue to be cited) as one of the first real examples of how the result of a well publicized process can be
influenced or manipulated in the context of the new 24-hour news cycle, represented by the nascent cable news channels and Court TV.

"The correction" tries to prove that it was
nothing compared to the news cycle in which we live today, in which the current news – that is the facts – are obscured by a cacophony of comments both in the media and on social media.

Fix, "the defense attorney Ezra Wolf (Scott Cohen) stages various acrobatics in which he appears live on social media to hit police investigations and try to divert attention
from his client to someone else.

When he goes too far with one of these stunts, he feels an unknown emotion – remorse. But his public relations manager puts it straight. The public relations man says: "We are
the people of our time, and it's a terrible moment. "In other words: don't sweat. This is the world we live in.

"The Fix" is nothing if not cynical. In fact, it could be the most
series of cynical dramas on the TV network this season.


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