NBA analyst: Lakers lands pelicans Anthony Davis


After the New Orleans Pelicans won the Zion Williamson Sweepstakes on Tuesday, the Anthony Davis Sweepstakes can officially begin.

Who ultimately has the best chance of landing AD? Is it the Lakers? The Celts? The Knicks?

Jeff Goodman, the stadium's NBA analyst, came to CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to sum it up.

"Can the Knicks offer the best package for AD? They voted number three – where anything beyond the top three is not worth much to me, "said Goodman at Taz & The Moose. "If you're the Lakers number 4, that's not nearly worth it, the drop from three to four is significant, you have Dallas's first choice in 2021, you have your choice next year – and you will probably stink again.

"So the Knicks have the blueprint of fortune," Goodman continued, "but I do not think they have the fortune on the field, people behave as if Mitchell Robinson has value, Mitchell Robinson does not have value, Kevin Knox has no value yet. "

The Lakers and Celtics offer more than just tips.

"The Lakers have players to offer," Goodman said. They have (Brandon) Ingram, they have Lonzo Ball, they have Kyle Kuzma and then you have the Celtics, which are a kind of Joker. To be honest, if they threw Jayson Tatum into the deal for Anthony Davis, they probably did it. "

However, Goodman does not expect Boston to put Tatum on the table.

"Not me," he said. "Not me, because I do not think Anthony Davis – unless he says to Danny Ainge -" I'm going to sign a long-term contract "- you can not, and I'm not sure if Rich Paul will end up in him I do not think he ends up in Boston, I think he ends up in LA because they have some good young players, and while the 4-pick does not have a lot of value, you're in business when you're with him grab a bunch of these good young players. "

These "good young players", however, were all picks of the first round. Ingram was the second overall selection in 2016, Ball the second overall selection in 2017 and Kuzma the 27th overall selection in 2017. He scored an average of 18.7 points and 5.5 recovered in the past season, while Ingram averaged 18.3 and 5.1, respectively scam.

These are solid players – all 23 or younger. Would the Lakers really separate themselves from AD for AD?

Yes absolutely.

"You only have a window for LeBron for a few years," Goodman said. "When you pair LeBron with AD, I do not care what's around them, they fill it up and get another free agent to play for them, obviously not a Max guy, but someone else, and then you have you still have enough parts and just run away, I think he ends up in LA. "

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