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Mulaney, Maniscalco as a festival of comedy News, Sport, Work

Sebastian Maniscalco

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JAMESTOWN – Two of the nation's most famous stand-up comedians will present the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival this year. John Mulaney and Sebastian Maniscalco will perform at the Northwest Arena this summer, National Comedy Center officials announced today.

Mulaney will perform on Friday, August 9th at the Jamestown Arena while Maniscalco will take to the stage on Saturday 10th August.

Journey Gunderson, executive director of the National Comedy Center, noted that the two are some of the most "On-demand" comedians in the country at the moment. He said that having them performed at the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival should be indicative of how the event has grown over the years.

"It's very difficult for the stars to align themselves in a way that allows these highly requested artists to come to Jamestown, New York," Gunderson said. "Both of these names have been suggested by countless fans, and Mulaney has been on our list for years, and Maniscalco is obviously having a rare time when he is perhaps one of the most popular work comedians at the moment."

In a statement announcing headline shows, the center of the comedy said Maniscalco – also an actor and best-selling author – broke last month's record with four sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden, selling the most tickets in a weekend for any comedy the history of the garden. In 2018, Maniscalco broke similar record-breaking comedy records for Radio City Music Hall.

The Maniscalco born in Illinois can currently be seen with Viggo Mortensen in the Oscar nomination "Green Paper" winner of three Golden Globes including Best Film – Musical or Comedy. Last November, Maniscalco won the first Comic Year prize from Billboard. Participate in the new film by Martin Scorsese "L & # 39; Irish" quest & # 39; year.

Meanwhile, Mulaney started writing for "Saturday Night Live" in 2008, where he also appeared as "Weekend Update" memorable characters corresponding and co-created as "Stefon" with Bill Hader. He spent the past year visiting the United States with his most recent show, "Kid Gorgeous," which was released as an original special Netflix last year and won the Emmy Award for Best Screenplay in a Special Variety.

Born in Chicago, Mulaney performed in an upright position "Jimmy Kimmel Live", "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," "Late Night with Conan O & Brienz" is "Comedy Central Presents".

In 2016, Mulaney starred in Broadway's success "Oh hello" on Broadway alongside Nick Kroll. It can also be heard in the film of 2018 "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", who recently won the Golden Globe for Best Animation Film and just received an Oscar nomination for Best Feature Film.

"This is a great opportunity to experience the best of live comedy at night, having lived the history of comedy – across all ages and genres – by day, on a trip to the National Comedy Center and the Festival", Gunderson said.

Although noted for their skills on stage, Gunderson emphasized that Maniscalco and Mulaney also received awards for their work in the movies. "Getting these two is an indication that this summer will be fantastic" she said.

Further festival events – including more than five comedy cabaret, Late Night Comedy, National Comedy Center Dialogues and Lucy legacy events – will be announced later. Gunderson said more Late Night Comedy events could be expected due to increased demand and quick sales in the past.

"This festival is a celebration of all comical things" said Malachi Livermore, director of the National Comedy Center for programming and guest experiences. "It offers something for everyone – from a free children's comedy to a series of discussions on comedies, to some of the best stand-up comedians the nation has to offer, and the opening of an exhibition of Ernie's Centenary Kovacs archives never before seen.And there is still much more coming. "

The entire Lucille Ball Comedy Festival will take place from 7th to 11th August. Tickets for headlining performances will go on pre-sale on comedycenter.org for members of the National Comedy Center on Wednesday, February 20 at noon. Tickets will be available for sale to the public on Friday 22nd February at noon.

Last year's Lucille Ball Comedy Festival was attended by Amy Schumer, Lily Tomlin and a group of originals "Saturday Night Live" performers and writers including Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman and Alan Zweibel.

In his statement, officials said the National Comedy Center will once again collaborate with Chautauqua Institution for a comic-themed week during the institution's summer season before the comedy festival.

"Events and speakers will explore how comedy changes us and, in turn, the society and the potential of comedy to change ideas and influence decision-making" officials said. The scheduling details will be released within the next few months.


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