Migos, Travis Scott and Young Thug don’t care about “Give No Fxk”


It’s been two years since Migos left Culture II, and although there have been rumors about the next installment of their successful albums, the Atlanta trio has kept the development secret. “We haven’t fallen in two years. We haven’t had anything since ‘Pure Water’,” Quavo said recently. Business Insider. “I feel like it’s more about Migos that you don’t know yet. And I feel that this album will be prolific. I feel that this album is going to be the album to do it.”

Earlier this week, Quavo shared that Migos was returning to the scene with a new single titled “Give No Fxk” with Travis Scott and Young Thug. All these artists have worked together repeatedly on the projects of others in the past, and have managed to stop collaborating continuously. Hopefully, “Give No Fxk” maintains that record with the production of Murdabeatz and DJ Durel, so listen to us and tell us what you think.

Quotable letter

Big bankroll, turn the lane, I’ll be hoggin ‘(Big bankroll)
Live for thousands, moldy cookie, yes, it is cloudy (Cookie low)
I can park it, keep sparkling, not talk (Brr)
Watch me hit the target, mark the carpet, then leave



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