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Barack, Michelle's husband, tweeted couples' favorite summer songs in a photo. Barack wrote: "With the summer sunset, here is a taste of what Michelle and I listened to: some new ones, some old ones, some fast ones, others slow ones. I hope you enjoy yourself."

The couple received a backlash on Twitter after sharing their summer songs in a moving gesture on the social media site.

A user mocked: "Struggling to stay relevant, eh?"

Another user said: "Omg you are so irrelevant."

Another replied: "So bad, everyone."

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However, other Twitter users have come to the defense of the couples and have applauded them for their musical taste.

A user said: "Forever the two coolest – miss you guys and enjoy the rest of your summer".

Another commented: "I love both you and Michelle. You are our past, present and future. God bless you and God bless America ".

Another said: "I love it! And now it's a new playlist for me. "

The couple's online fans on Twitter also commented on the fact that the playlist stopped at just 44 tracks.

As the 44th president of the United States, users are speculating whether Barack cut the list of 45 songs is a direct excavation of the current president of the United States Donald Trump.

One user replied: "P.s. Let's see what you did here Barack – Letting go 45 is a nice burn. "

Another said: "I love the fact that there are not 45".


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