Home Entertainment Mhoni Seer made a prediction that filled everyone with fear (VIDEO)

Mhoni Seer made a prediction that filled everyone with fear (VIDEO)

The astrologer Mhoni Vidente is becoming more and more famous and that is why all radio and television programs open up a space for the Cuban to share her predictions about entertainment, government, climate and other details of the world.

It should be noted that the views of the Cuban are getting more accurate and chilling because of the accuracy; So he released a news at the beginning of this week so everyone was present without words.

Everything happened in the radio program of Javier Alatorre, where the astrologer explained that an earthquake will take place on Thursday 13 or Friday 14 September.

"Yes, I notice a quake for this week: Thursday 13 or Friday 14 September", said Mhoni Vidente with great confidence.

Mhoni Seer predicts an earthquake for Thursday or Friday

Those who listened to the prediction of the Cuban paranormalists did not hesitate to express their concern about such an event because what has been expressed in earlier times has become reality.


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