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Queen Victoria's beloved husband, Prince Albert, would probably name many of today's members of the royal family, the royal writer A.N. Wilson claimed. The author highlighted how Queen Victoria and Prince Albert founded their relationship to "domestic virtue and sexual continence" and insisted that Royals should be models of virtue and morality to retain their status.

Prince Albert also believed that members of the royal family should choose their spouses only from other European kings to ensure that the new family member knows "what it means to be royal."

However, this tradition was broken by King George V, who allowed his son, the future King George VI, to marry Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the future queen mother.

Although she was a nobleman, Queen Elizabeth was not a queen, Wilson noted, a detail that, in his view, paved the way for an increasing number of non-queens entering the royal family.

Mr. Wilson wrote in The Times: "The Queen Mum may have been popular in some neighborhoods, but when he pretended to be the queen, the gate was opened to people like Duchess Fergiana, Meghan Markle, and Duchess Kate.

"Since they gave themselves the absurd fictitious name of Mountbatten-Windsor, they have announced that they have surnames, like commoners.

"They are not really royal, not in the albertian sense.

"Not in the sense of a special caste reserved for a special role where more is expected of them than perhaps every family can provide for them."

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The royal family received the name of Mountbatten-Windsor in the 1960s, after Prince Philip had expressed his deep-seated desire to pass on his family name to his children.

The surname Mountbatten comes from the side of the Duke of Edinburgh, who in turn took him from Lord Louis Mountbatten, the uncle of the Duke, who played a key role in his naturalization.

Windsor has been the name of the royal family since 1917, which was borne by the Queen after King George V renamed his house during World War I to extinguish his former German name, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.


Among those bearing this last name is Meghan and Prince Harry's son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The marriage between Meghan and Harry was praised by other royal experts as a modernization of the royal family.

Wilson, author of Prince Albert: The man who saved the monarchy, however, believes that this wedding would be just one of many that Prince Albert could disapprove of.

He continued, "Queen Victoria referred in many ways to Prince Albert, even before he died, as her, angel, & an angel.

"In his vast array of talents and abilities, in his dedication to duty, both private and public, he seemed to be something beyond normal human nature.

"Yes, one reason was that he was so close to being a genius as the British royal family ever did.

"But it was helped by the fact that everyone knew what it meant to be royal.

"It came from the kindred European gene pool he and Victoria came from and where they married their children.

"When his shadow returned to Windsor Castle, where he breathed his last breath in 1861, I wonder if he would consider the current inhabitants as royal in his sense."


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