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Megan Markle refused royal midwives

37 year old Megan Markle (Meghan Markle) doesn't want to. that experienced doctors participate in her birth. who helped the birth of all the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton. She hired her own medical team.

The wayward Megan Markle unconditionally refuses to adopt the royal traditions. She has again violated the existing order.. refusing the services of royal gynecologists Alan Farting and Guy Thorpe-Beeston. The main reason – Megan doesn't want to. to give birth to men. She has hired another medical team.. which will be led by a female doctor.

Megan's & # 39; s decision caused a wave of criticism. Royal doctors are among the most experienced in the country. All three children of Prince William and Kate Middleton were born in their presence. in addition. they do not charge any costs for delivery. as it is their responsibility. Inviting a new team of specialists costs an impressive amount.

According to the protocol, royal doctors cannot be completely excluded from the delivery process. No matter how desirable Megan Markle. such a decision does not fall within its competence. Farthing and Thorpe Beeston will still be in the clinic. when complications and other unforeseen circumstances begin.

Insured surrounded by Megan Markle. what is her personal decision. to which she is entitled. "First of all, it's her birth. her baby. and she can do that. what feels good to yourself. How can you assess her for this? "- quotes the Daily Mail insider.

This is not Megan Markl's first quirk in matters of the appearance of their first-born with Harry. She had previously refused to give birth in the wing of the Lindo St. Mary & # 39; s Hospital. This has also become a tradition with the royal family. Here Princess Diana gave birth to her sons – William and Harry. Three William's children appeared in this wing.

Megan Markle also left the traditional photo shoot with the child on the porch of the hospital. The need to pose with the baby after birth contradicts the feminist beliefs of the former actress. Megan doesn't want to be busy dressing up and posing "only because. what do people think. she should do that. "



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