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Megan Markle equips the house

Recently, after long preparations, Megan Markle and Prince Harry eventually moved from Kensington Palace to the Windsor estate of Frogmore House, where the expectant mother, who only had a short time to give birth, would have no problems with photographers and fans.

The Duchess of Sussex and her husband completed the repair work in their house – it's time to update the interior of the house. As it turned out, Victoria Beckham will help with the redecoration of the royal couple.

The designer and former participant of the Spice Girls will redevelop the interior. According to the wishes of the hostess, the interior of the house should be cozy and homely – without pathos, with pictures of lovers and friends on the walls of the rooms. Some items that adorn the property were the property of the Duchess before the wedding. Favorite paintings and a number of artworks that she kept in her apartment in Toronto.

& # 39; Megan has many pleasant memories of the time she lived in that apartment. She wanted to keep some decorations, even start a very different life, "said a source who was familiar with the situation.

Victoria has already given her friend some design tips, according to Mirror.

Remember that the firstborn of Prince Harry and Megan Markle will be born in late April or early May. According to the couple, they did not discover the sex of the baby, they preferred to recognize him at birth. That is why the nursery in the house where the newborn will soon live is decorated in neutral colors.

In total, the reconstruction of the old Frogmore country house took around three million pounds. According to Express, these funds have been allocated to the spouses from the UK budget, since the mansion is a historic structure. The couple buys the atmosphere of their new house for their own money.



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