Home Entertainment Medhat Saleh: I like to wear chains for this reason

Medhat Saleh: I like to wear chains for this reason

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The artist Medhat Saleh says, the most expensive dream wants to get his children to be at best, adding: "The Lord bless them and make them happy", since it is a very expensive dream that must remain a good one. man in the eyes of the woman who lives with him, his wife, stressing that this is a dream he sees every day.

He added: "Saleh", during his dialogue with the program "Tales Latifa", presented by the Tunisian artist Latifa, which is shown on the channel "dmc": "I love my daughter because I have a lot of me, more violin of his brother ».

"I love silver chains," he said, "I need a mental comfort in my love, and on the idea of ​​my times, it's the series I wear."


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