Home Entertainment Meaux: Trump invited by Macron to the 11 November commemorations?

Meaux: Trump invited by Macron to the 11 November commemorations?

Donald Trump had announced it in mid-August: he would have to go to the parade of Paris to celebrate the end of the First World War, Saturday, November 11, for the centenary of the Armistice.

But according to The Parisian, the president of the United States could make a hook by Meaux in Seine-et-Marne following an invitation from Emmanuel Macron, who would have invited him for his memorial journey, just as he had invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The three heads of state could go to the Museum of the Great War, which is located in Meaux.

On Monday 5 in the early afternoon, five helicopters of the American army flew over the city and landed at the municipal stadium Georges-Tauziet.

The locals enjoyed the spectacle of these noisy aircraft with large propellers, and these grate soldiers who roamed the ground for a long time.

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These helicopter towers could therefore be a sort of reconnaissance mission or scouting to ensure the safety of the American president.

Paris, Meaux … Donald Trump could also be part of the Aisne and the Somme, especially to follow in the footsteps of the Battle of Belleau Wood, making the first alliance of the American forces in the great offensive of the Allied forces was recorded. end to the war.

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