Matt Fraser’s psychic readings leave Daily Pop speechless

That’s how Matt Fraser To break the ice?

The psychic medium behind E! Meet the frasers bring your skills to the Daily pop set in this emotional clip of Wednesday’s show. In it, Matt remembers discovering his abilities, reveals that he knew that one day he would star in his own television show and shares the impact of psychic skills on dating (his relationship with the contest queen). Alexa Papigiotis it appears in Meet the frasers)

But before diving into the details of his own life, Matt begins his Daily pop Appearance giving your staff a taste of what you do best.

“Two seconds before we were online, he says: ‘By the way, your grandmother is here.'” Carissa culiner“It’s already breaking,” he says to the cameras. And obviously, she is there for a reason.

“She is very strong around you,” Matt replies, following a message from Culiner’s deceased relative who seems to resonate with the E! personality in a very deep way.

“You know, this was a woman who had suffered here in the physical world,” he continues. “She tells me she couldn’t breathe before her departure and it was really hard for you to come back and say goodbye. But she says you did it and she just wants to thank you for that.”

At this point, Carissa, as most people would be, is crying.

“It’s fine. It’s fine, yes,” he replies in tears. “That happened when I was very young.”

Watch how Matt’s gift does its magic a second time later in the clip above!

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