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Mark Lanz on ZDF: Lanz with a clear racist thesis – but what a writer tells him shocks him

Mark Lanz on ZDF: Lanz with a clear racist thesis – but what a writer tells him shocks him

on 07.11.2018 at 19:23

On Tuesday, Markus Lanz on ZDF talked about racism in Germany.

On Tuesday, Markus Lanz on ZDF talked about racism in Germany.

Photo: ZDF

Mainz. Actually, Melanie Raabe should join Markus Lanz in the ZDF talk about their books. The bestselling author has, among other things, & # 39; The Trap & # 39; written. A book that is currently being recorded in Hollywood. But then it can be Markus Lanz do not hesitate to talk to the author about the current situation in Germany. And what she says is shocking the audience.

Bestselling author Melanie Raabe told ZDF from Markus Lanz how much Germany has changed negatively

Raabe grew up in the GDR in Jena in a small village. "I've never been approached, it was normal for a black girl to live there, I've always been there and we all knew each other, but in retrospect I'm surprised that I've never had any problems in the GDR," says Raabe. ZDF from her happy childhood.


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Even later, when she moved to NRW and after graduating from the Ruhr, she had never experienced racism. in front of Lanz an opportunity to state that "Germany is essentially not a racist country".

But that is where Raabe contradicts. "Unfortunately, I am not a parade model, I know a lot of scary stories from people who went to school with neo-nazis, it probably depends on who you ask." The climate in Germany is currently changing. "

then Markus Lanz she asks her how she solves it, explains Melanie Raabe, that the cityscape changes, she gets a lot with her book trips.

"For a long time I had the optimism that the skin color in my life will not be a problem in Germany, but at the moment it gets worse, it goes the other way."

First approached and insulted by neo-nazi's in 37 years

For the first time in 37 years, she recently had a bad experience. She had been standing at a train station in the Harz and then the people had passed her and "said horrible things that I will not repeat here", said Raabe. She calls her neo-Nazis, but it was normal people.

This is the career of Markus Lanz:

  • Lanz was born in South Tyrol in 1969
  • In 1997 he becomes presenter of the program "Guten Abend RTL"
  • 1998 to 2008: presenter at "Explosiv – das Magazin" on RTL
  • Since 2008 he presents his own show "Markus Lanz" on ZDF
  • From 2012 to 2014 he also organized "Laws, dass ..?"

Markus Lanz and the other guests are shocked, they can hardly believe it. But Melanie Raabe remains positive, though worried: "I will not let this beautiful country get spoiled, but I never thought I would worry if I went out alone in the evening as a black woman."

On 8 November, Lanz will again pay attention to this subject. Then the ZDF shows the documentation "Markus Lanz – Germany, discussions on unity and law and homeland", in which Lanz met people with very different resumes and talks about topics such as structural change and decline of industry, migration and integration, nationalism and parallel societies.


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