Home Entertainment Luis Fonsi also responds to the meeting with Adamari López

Luis Fonsi also responds to the meeting with Adamari López

For singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi there is only love and respect for his wife, the presenter Adamari López.

For that reason, when they were in front of Un Nuevo Día's cameras last week, transferring Telemundo, they both merged into a hug and talked about a good feeling about the singer's career evolving in the program as & # 39; coach & # 39; voice.

"We have seen ourselves many times before, it was not the first time," said the interpreter. He added that every encounter is for them "Normally, as if nothing, we are friends", said during an interview with the Mexican program Suelta la Sopa, according to People in Spanish.

According to this medium, Luis Fonsi said that there was no resentment in his relationship with Adamari.

"We support each other, I always wish the best", said the singer, who is married to the Spanish model Águeda López, mother of her two children.

Following the expectation that the program caused among the followers of singer Adamari, she also responded by indicating that the public's interest in their private lives is due to the great affection they both feel.



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