Home Entertainment Louane: strongly criticized for its weight on social networks!

Louane: strongly criticized for its weight on social networks!

Louane participated in Victoires de la Musique on France 2. And the young woman was then victimized on the social network of grossophobia!

Several artists alternated with the staging of the Victoires de la Musique 2019 in France 2. Louane was one of them. The one who managed to win on the French music scene may not have kept a good memory. He received strong criticism of his weight on Twitter. MCE tells you more.

Louane his meteoric rise

In fact, the young singer Louane knows a huge success since its beginnings. At 22, she managed to win in the world of French song. The beautiful blonde started with The Voice and quickly got up in the place she has today. But unfortunately for all those who are known, success also attracts free malice. Even more with social networks. Louane also starred in a film The Family Aries and directed by Eric Lartigau, which earned him the César of the best female hope of 2015. All this projected on the front of the media scene. And who exposes himself to the television unfortunately attracts the critics. This time the surfers of the net have strongly criticized its weight during its passage in Victoires de la musique.

Louane has criticized her weight

In fact, the young woman performed one of her songs on the Victoires de la Musique stage on Friday 8 February. The young woman was nominated in the original song category of the year under the title "Noon on November". So we could see her on stage, dressed in black. Her long high-waisted skirt and her black top apparently did not appeal to users who allowed themselves to openly criticize her figure. But fortunately some people have defended on social networks, including Twitter, facing the always incomprehensible stupidity of some people.