Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram praises Pelican's teammates for their selflessness


Former No. 2 Overall Selection Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram have officially embarked on their journey with the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday and are impressed with what they have seen from their new team so far.

After training on Tuesday, Ball and Ingram praised their new teammates for their selflessness in the opening game against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday.

"We have a lot of people who know how to play basketball," Ball said. "I can not really think of someone who's selfish in the team, I have not seen any selfish attitudes since I'm here. that got into the game and people saw it.

Ball led the pelicans with seven assists, while he turned the ball only once. Trae Young led all players with 11 assists, but reversed the ball eight times.

Ingram was also pleased with the way the pelicans shared the ball against the Hawks, and he said that this is a testament to the high characters of the players in the team.

"I think it starts with acting selflessly when we're not in basketball, when we're in the gym just before basketball and just talking to each other and just around each other, I think that's because and then we look Everyone has a good attitude, a good character, and they come in and they work, so if everyone comes in and nobody has an ego, it works best in my opinion, "Ingram said.

Ball, Ingram and the Pelicans will have the opportunity to build on Wednesday's impressive win over the Hawks at the Chicago Bulls [133: 109].

All quotes are from the YouTube channel of New Orleans Pelicans.


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