Lonzo Ball appears on LeBron James "The Shop"


Lonzo Ball is no stranger to television. Former Los Angeles Lakers No. 2 will always be in the spotlight when he joins the court and participates in his family's reality Facebook series Ball in the family,

Now Ball is back on screen and is on LeBron James The business,

The star-studded line-up for the upcoming episode on Saturday, May 4, features rapper Travis Scott, actor and comedian Seth Rogen, singer and producer Pharrell Williams, producer Jimmy Iovine, actor Don Cheadle, and Houston Texan's wide-ranging receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

Ball appears The business comes at an interesting time.

The oldest of the three Ball brothers is currently in a lawsuit with former business partner and family friend Alan Foster, who allegedly used the finances of Lonzo for his personal gain. In a season in which the Lakers fell short of expectations and despite the offseason addition of James missed the playoffs, the ball was repeatedly the subject of rumors.

So it remains to be seen how much Lonzo will be opening up on the headlines of his environment, but it will be interesting to see what he has to say to his always outspoken father, LaVar, because you know the Big Baller will do this conversation