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Logic announces the new album, eliminates the new song

Bobby Tarantino is back to full effect.

Tuesday afternoon (March 19), Logic, who is will develop his debut novel (Supermarket) On March 26th, he made his fans happy when he used his Twitter account to announce his new album, Confessions of a dangerous mind. He also left a new song.

The announcement came in the form of a bloody music video that includes shots of Logic rapping in an empty black space as blood begins to cover his body and snow hits the ground. The clip is traced from the new song mentioned above, which presents the meditative bars of the DMV rapper.

"I made a living, I never gave in, I'm just too motivated / That's why I thought, I'm afraid I'm sinking, I'm afraid I'm Fallin & # 39; / The world think I & m # 39; m ballin & # 39 ;, and maybe I am, but I don't care, "Logic spits on a quiet beat.

A title is not provided for the song, but if it is, in effect, a track from the new Logic LP, it is safe to say that it is in very good shape as it starts the new project.

Confessions of a dangerous mind will be the first Logic project since September 2018 YSIV, which was the fourth entry in the rapper's Young Sinatra mixtape franchise. Logical calls confessions his sixth studio album, but it is not clear which of his projects consider LPs to those he considers mixtapes. Most people consider YSIV be his fourth album. A release date for confessions has yet to be revealed.

Check out the new song and the announcement of the Logic album below. Be on the lookout for Confessions of a dangerous mind.

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