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Like Collomb, other mayors of France make a mistake in Jeunism

Since his resignation from the function of Minister of Home Affairs, he had that in mind: take his mayor of Lyon. It is now finished.

Gerard Collomb was re-elected Monday November 5 at the head of the prefecture of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, after an extraordinary city council where he received 41 votes out of 73.

At 71, he is the fourth oldest mayor of France among the ten largest cities in France (only Jean-Claude Gaudin, Alain Juppé and Roland Ries stand for him).

But if you only count those who have been in the chair for more than ten years, he wins a place. Indeed, Roland Ries (Strasbourg) has been mayor since 2008 and he has also decided not to run again in 2020.

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So who are these other mayors of France who, like Gerard Collomb, do not care about youth work and who also cling to their communal chair?

At the top of the list is Jean-Claude Gaudin. The mayor of Marseille has been in office since 1995. Although he will leave his position in 2020, he will be over 80 years old (he was in early October 79 and the municipal elections are held in March 2020). As an old man, hard to do better.

Behind him there is Alain Juppé. The burgomaster of Bordeaux is 73 years old. He has held this position since 1995 with a biennial interruption between 2004 and 2006 (he was sentenced to a year of exclusion by the court of appeal of Versailles because of his involvement in fictional jobs in the city hall of Paris).

Recognized in 2008 and 2014 without too much opposition, he has not yet clearly announced his ambitions for 2020.

It is therefore the third place that Gerard Collomb arrives, whose Mayor of Lyon was orphaned for more than a year between May 2017 and the beginning of October 2018 (since then he was Minister of the Interior under Edouard Philippe). He resumed the sash of his mayor on Monday with the firm intention to keep him in 2020. He then becomes 75 years old.

But the road to possible re-election is long and full of difficulties. The Lyonnais, who do not appreciate the household scenes of Macron-Collomb-Philippe when he resigns from the Ministry of the Interior, seems tired and has the feeling that he no longer listens to them.

Moreover, as elected LREM, he will face a turnout from the right in Lyon. No trivial matter.

A little younger than these three men, Martine Aubry also holds the dragee high for the youth consciousness around politics. At the age of 68, the socialist mayor of Lille has been in office since 2001. She is expected to walk for 4 yearse mandate, but refuses an alliance with LREM to achieve this. Patrick Kanner is not against it. And this lack of unity on the left could cost the mayor of Lille to the PS in 2020. Things to follow.

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