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Lena & # 39; s son Katina stays with her mother after her parents' divorce


Singer Lena Katina ended her marriage to Slovenian musician Sasho Kuzmanovich, StarHit reports citing PR director of artist Ivan Kudryavtsev.

It is noted that the musicians parted without making any claim to each other. One of the causes is the usual blurring of feelings.

Lena and Sasho lived in marriage for six years. In 2015 they had a son who will stay with his mother in Russia after a divorce, but his father will be able to see him at any time. It is believed that Sasho Kuzmanovich will return to his home country in Slovenia, where he will continue to teach singing.

Last year, Lena Katina said in an interview with Sobesednik.ru that everything was safe in their family and that she did not believe that "love lasts five years".

At the end of July, Lena Katina presented her first solo album "Mono" in Russian. His presentation took place on the old Arbat in the form of a street concert.