Latest news from Harry and Meghan: the Duke of Sussex prepares for the first public engagement since the declaration of the bomb

The Cambridges reach more crowds that cheer up the Bradford Khidmat Center

The royal couple later arrived at the Bradford Khidmat Center, which is dedicated to helping vulnerable members of society of minority ethnicity.

They were greeted by a crowd of supporters and a drummer.

After learning about the work of the community center, they will join a session in which groups supported by Better Start Bradford will participate, offering projects to pregnant women and families with children under four.

Then they will meet families from the Older Yet Wiser project, which supports grandparents with childcare responsibilities.

When they entered, royalty members were shown a huge cake that tells the story of their lives to date through edible images.

When he saw the cake, baked by Bradford’s baker, Siama Ali, Kate said she was “really smart,” and added: “That’s amazing.”

William joked:

“Mary Berry would be impressed.”

Kate met some ladies who were about to knit, who showed her their hearts and their little blankets they had made for their three children.

The duchess told them:

“I tried knitting when I had George for the first time. I tried to knit a very special sweater, but I stayed halfway and splashed. ”

She added:

It is an incredible skill. “


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