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Last call: Albuquerque will not leave Tom Hanks alone

Tom Hanks at the American dinner Friends of Blerancourt in 2018 in November 2018.
Photo: Theo Wargo (Getty Images)
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Tom Hanks persuaded himself to sing Happy birthday in a steakhouse


Tom Hanks is in New Mexico to shoot a science fiction movie called Bios is tweeting repeatedly on lost gloves. He's also completely entranced by the locals, who apparently won't even let him eat a steak dinner in peace. As for the NRQE news station, while Hanks had lunch at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on Saturday, several tables tried to take selfies with him in the background. You can imagine how all this was not hidden.

A woman at the table adjacent to his took it even further: she began to give strong hints that it was her birthday, and it would be OK WONDERFUL IF TOM HANKS WOULD BE ON HIM. Hanks heard it – probably because he was screaming-whispering – and offered to sing them even though his birthday dessert hadn't arrived yet. The woman, who is married to a son, described her as "probably the best 12 seconds of my life". He also tells NRQE that she was "sweaty and couldn't even concentrate" with Hanks near her. It really looks like a pretty good sport in the video, honestly.


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