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Koh Lanta, the war of the leaders: Denis Brogniart weakened at the shooting, the production found him a substitute

In the first episode of Koh Lanta, the war of the leaders, the teams were composed with (all) alliances and elimination … But what made the surfers afraid that it is the weight of Denis Brogniart! Indeed, the animator seemed emaciated on the screen. He entrusted our colleagues in Paris and confirmed that a virus has damaged his health just before the start of the shooting: "I had a virus linked to an infection that put me on the flank with a lot of fever, if you have a lot of fever, you don't eat, so you lose weight!" The production even had to provide a replacement facilitator to help Denis Brogniart if his condition deteriorated!

Adventure Line Productions and TF1 have chosen Bruce Jouanny, who acts as official at RMC Découverte in Top Gear France. But this choice was not in agreement with the animator, and decided to overcome this test: "I give up nothing in my life, I have the will, moreover, he had to film the forty-five days, but he had to go to Top Gear and never came back!" To reassure everyone, Denis Brogniart posted this video on his Twitter account: "Just a message to answer those who found yesterday during the first episode of Koh Lanta that I had lost weight. It is true, you are right! I lost a few kilos due to a virus, but don't worry, all this ancient history! I found my weight of form, the evidence in picture. " We are reassured!


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