Home Entertainment Kim Kardashian shows off her legs in the latest Instagram Snaps

Kim Kardashian shows off her legs in the latest Instagram Snaps

Kim Kardashian shows her famous figure on social media in a series of brand new sexy photographs.

On Monday morning, Kardashian took her Instagram account to share four new photos of herself showing an important part of the skin, and her fans loved vivid images.

In sexy snapshots, the Keep up with the Kardashians the star is seen wearing a blue, purple and green silk dress with a high slit that showed her long and thin legs.

Kim's ranges were prominent in all the photographs, as well as her wide neckline, slim waist and toned arms. Kardashian had her long dark hair gathered in a high tail at the top of her head, and completed her look with some strappy golden sandals that fastened her calves.

Kim showed off a deep tan all over her body and showed off a face full of makeup in the photos. Kardashian added to his bronzed glow wearing pink blush, highlighter on his cheeks and forehead, darkened eyebrows, thick eyelashes, dark eyeliner and sparkling brown lip color.

In one of the photos, she poses next to her husband, rapper Kanye West, who shows off an all-black suit, which includes black trousers, a black shirt with short-sleeved collar and black shoes.

As previously reported by L & # 39; Inquisitr, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are trying to play the wedding director for Khloe Kardashian, who recently broke up with her little dad, Tristan Thompson, after it was revealed that she had cheated with her sister's best friend Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods.

However, Kim has an important request for Khloe, which is to stay away from the athletes. Khloe has been associated with a lot of athletes in the past, mostly NBA players, and Kim thinks he has to abandon the lifestyle after breaking her heart several times.

"Kim wants Khloe to stay away from the athletes and talk to an artist next time, preferably someone in the music world. See how well that worked for Kim. He's so happy that he stopped hanging out with the athletes and giving Kanye the "Opportunity was the best choice ever. He wants Khloe to follow his example and is more than ready to help in his quest. Both Kanye and Kim want to see Khloe happy and in love, and they want to put her up with a musician", said an insider Hollywood life.

Fans will be able to see more of Kim Kardashian's snappy photos by following her on Instagram.



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