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Khloe Kardashian takes a lollipop for her chubby lips in cute Snap Snap

Khloe Kardashian is in a playful mood and, apparently, has a sweet tooth. The prosperous blonde arrived on Instagram today before publishing a lovely photo of herself indulging in one of life's simplest pleasures.

The Keep up with the Kardashians star treated her 86.3 million followers on Instagram in a candid snapshot in which she was photographed with a red lollipop in her hand.

In the new Instagram snap, the 34-year-old beauty kept the lollipop close to her full lips while she smiled at the camera. At the same time, Khloe kept her eyes closed to show her elegant brown makeup for smoky eyes.

This latest photo sharing on Instagram made a big impression on Khloe fans for a variety of reasons. First of all, many of his followers on Instagram were pleased to see the reality of the TV set radiant and happy.

The Revenge Body the star sparkled with joy in the new snapshot, showing a contagious smile that seemed to illuminate the room. The bright, warm tone of the photo was enhanced by Khloe's choice of clothing and her platinum blonde locks.

In fact, the candid photograph was captured just as Khloe was receiving new hair extensions put by her stylist, Andrew – whose hands can be seen in the snap while working on Khloe's light blond braids.

In addition to receiving extensions, even the reality TV star has done the nails. In the snapshot, the KUWTK star-shaped star-shaped nails painted in an ivory color. In addition, the stunning personality of the TV shook a bright pink top with a red floral pattern, which gave it a very cheerful look.

Khloe's new Instagram snapshot earned her a little fear of 450,000 "likes" and more than 2,000 comments – at the time of writing this article. Many of his social media followers have rushed into the comments section to leave messages that are sweet, affectionate and complimented KUWK star on his bell 'appearance.

"Happiness is like that [sic] more beautiful [love eyes emoji], "He joked about an Instagram user, while another wrote:" You're so happy in this picture, it makes me happy [heart emoji]".

Many of his fans have praised the personality of the TV on his glorious smile. "I see the child True in this smile! [two hearts emoji]"One person said, while another noted" The best smile I've ever seen of you Khloe, smile this way more often without effort [sic]".

Some people even asked Khloe what brand of extension he used. Others wanted to know the brand and color of her lipstick, which highlighted her lips with a pleasant faded pink tinge.

However, not all the comments left by Khloe's Instagram followers were positive comments. Some fans could not help but notice that the reality TV star sported a very different look in the new photo – barely similar to the Khloe that everyone knows very well.

Some people have noticed that Khloe's nose continues to "shrink" with every photo he posts on Instagram. Some people put it down for contouring; others called her to use the app with a face filter, which in their opinion made her unrecognizable.

Apart from the star look, some people have had a problem with the caption of Khloe's new photo. In the caption, the TV personality tells his stylist that he always ruins his "candid photos that laugh", "he writes", six [sic] the fucking hand and the extension of my hair are a hindrance. "

While one person found the "rude" caption, many of Khloe's Instagram followers did not hesitate to emphasize his grammatical error.

That said, quite a large number of people showed their appreciation for the KUWK star, leaving numerous compliments for its beauty and sparkling personality.

"My PREFERRED Kardashian [two hearts emoji]", Wrote a fan.


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