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Juan Soler also raises his voice about the rumors: "I love Maki & # 39; – MX.HOLA.COM

The actor denied that Maki has plans to move to Mexico and made it clear that he loves her and has an excellent relationship with her


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Afterwards Maki will clarify that he has no immediate plans to leave Miami (after some media have misinterpreted the closure of his clothing store in that city), is now Juan Soler who endorses the love and good relationship he has with the actress and denies that his wife is planning to travel to Mexico, where he lived for two years.

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After the rumor that Maki could move to Mexico, Juan Soler began to take advantage of the microphone intruders to clarify that the actress will continue to live in Miami where her daughters, Mia and blue, they go to school and have their lives: "That is a lie, she is very good Miami and there she is with the whole family and with my two girls"he explained.

In this interview, Juan Soler wanted to make it clear that between him and his mother's daughters is nothing but love, a situation that made this separation on the best terms: "I love Maki very much, I actually like Maki, but the circumstances have not happened, I have been going back and forth for two years and, really, it carries a lot and … already. It's that, I have no anger, I only have gratitude with Maki, then there's no reason to do bad. "For what reason they decided to take some time, Juan preferred to keep the details: "Mira is a very personal decision from Maki, and at this moment I would like to have my daughters with me, definitely"he commented.

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These statements by Juan Soler confirm what she published on her Instagram account yesterday, where she revealed through two stories that she wanted to divorce. She also said that she expects this situation to be temporary: "This is how I want to clarify this @Juansolervalls has never been unfaithful to me, that he is the most respectable man I know. The decision to take some time was entirely mine, for personal reasons. Juan loves everything from his family and would never do anything to hurt her, "reads the actress's report.


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Maki asked Juan for respect, because he emphasized that he is going through this situation only in Mexico: "This is a very difficult time for everyone, but especially for @Juansolervalles, who is only in Mexico, struggles to meet his obligations, away from his daughters and his home. Please respect your integrity as a mando not make this moment that we hope it is temporarily more difficult, "he concluded.

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