Josh Thomas had to explain what thrush is to Americans

Trying to explain what candidiasis is to American television executives is not a conversation that Josh Thomas has ever thought he would meet.

“They didn’t know what candidiasis was and I didn’t know what they called it,” Thomas told “So I had to try to explain it with descriptive words, and that is really so difficult to do in a professional situation!

“It turns out they call it fungal infection.”

But you can imagine, Thomas turns red in front of a group of Yankees looking confused while trying to describe a burning vaginal sensation. Welcome to the glamorous world of television.

After the critical and audience success of his previous series, Please like meThomas was picked up by the American network and the Disney Freeform subsidiary for his next creative project.

The result is Everything will be fine, a 42-minute dramatic comedy, broadcast by Stan, in which Thomas plays Nicholas, a 25-year-old Australian who visits his father and two younger stepsisters Genevieve (Kayla Cromer) and Matilda (Maeve Press) in Los Angeles

Nicholas’s vacations extend permanently when his father tells him that he is dying of cancer at an advanced stage. Nicholas ends up as the legal guardian of his teenage sisters, and sometimes teenage girls become canker sores.

Nicholas is just an adult and is now responsible for two other humans, no less teenagers, one of whom is in the autism spectrum.

That’s where the conversation comes in, like an Australian creator and writer who writes the dialogue for an Australian character but on an American stage for an American television network.

Yeast infections are infinitely more uncomfortable than asking an American for a container when all they understand is “trash can”: there are so many linguistic differences between our two English-speaking countries.

Thomas, a 32-year-old Queensland, has been in the industry traps since winning a Melbourne Comedy Festival award at the tender age of 17. He traveled all over the world with several standing routines and then got a place as the captain of generation Y in Talking about your generation.

In 2013, debuted Please, as Mand on ABC, a funny, sweet and raw television series drawn from their own life experiences. The four-season series won applause, even from people like Girls creator Lena Dunham.

Please like me It begins with an episode in which his character, also called Josh, is called to the hospital after his mother Rose (Debra Lawrence) tries to commit suicide. It’s an experience torn straight from his life: Thomas’s mother, Rebecca, attempted suicide when Thomas was in high school.

He was careful to consult with his mother about Rose’s actions in Please like me especially the eventual suicide of the character in the fourth season.

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But now with Everything will be fine, Thomas’s mother has less to worry about.

“This new show is fiction. My mother loves this new show very much, ”said Thomas. “She said” it’s like art, “which is, well, I’m not sure how she thought it was the last.”

“I think it might be easier to see him because his fictitious ex-husband is dying and not her. I should be careful to say that, the father in this program is not based on my true father.”

Despite the death of the father’s character in the first episode, Everything will be fine it is a sunnier and possibly more accessible series than Please like me.

“My parents took so long to see this new show,” said Thomas.

“I think they get nervous when they see it before they see reviews. It really isn’t their kind of show: my mother’s favorite show is Lucifer and I used to catch my father laughing often Two and a half Men.

“With Please like meOnce they started receiving good reviews, they took that opinion as their own. “

Despite his own early start and 15 years in the industry, Thomas did not feel particularly qualified to give advice to his youth. Everything will be fine Press and Cromer co-stars.

“I usually try not to give people advice because what the hell do I know? I don’t know anything, “he said.

“Sometimes I try to encourage them to agree more to say no to things they don’t want to do, but I don’t think there has been anything for which Maeve Press has not simply been a group.”

“Maeve is so sweet, polite and sensible, and sometimes I get nervous about putting her on television so young, as if that made her a rare child star. As if I met her in a few years and she is so crazy, drugged with any new and strange drugs they invented in the meantime. “

Everything will be fine starts at Stan on Friday, January 17

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