Joker sets a new record for most Oscar-nominated comic films

The Joker has a great reason to put on a happy face.

Todd Phillips‘The acclaimed psychological thriller focused on the Batman villain has not gone unnoticed this award season. The film has won four Golden Globe nominations, two of which were won, as well as two nominations for the SAG Awards, 11 BAFTA nominations and, until Monday, 11 Oscar nominations. The film was recognized in virtually all major categories, from the best sound mix to the best film, and leads the 2020 contestants as the most nominated film of the year.

“Joker started as an idea, an experiment really: could we adopt an ‘independent approach’ for a studio film by investing it in a character studio to reflect the world around us?” Phillips said in a statement Monday in response to the Oscar nominations. “Explore what we are seeing and feeling in society, from the lack of empathy to the effects of the absence of love. I am deeply honored by the overwhelming recognition of the Academy this morning, and I want to thank the genius who is Joaquin Phoenixand all my amazing collaborators. We are more than honored that our partners in the film community have accepted the film and its message. ”

The film has not only left its mark on the 2020 nominee group, but has also surpassed a teammate with the Joker.

A little over a decade ago, The dark knight, which featured the famous Heath Ledger As the iconic villain, he won an Oscar in eight categories at the 2009 ceremony. The film finally won two, including posthumously for Ledger as Best Supporting Actor.

At that time, he was remarkably rebuffed for Best Picture. Nevertheless, jester did not suffer a similar fate on Monday, securing a place in the category between 1917 Y Little woman and marking a significant change in how comic films are recognized, especially after Black PantherThe nomination in the category last year.

But that is not all. Immediately after Monday’s announcement, jester has officially passed The dark knight as the Oscar-nominated comics movie …never. Not bad for a character who felt invisible.

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